Thought Space Athletics Nebula Ethereal Construct Maria Olivia Signature Series


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Disc Golf x Lifestyle x Design Thought Space Athletics is a disc golf and design-oriented company focused on elevating the mind and body through sport and design with our range of Discs, Apparel, and Accessories. They connect creativity, quality, and concept to elevate your mind and game on and off the course.


The Construct is TSA's versatile distance-fairway driver. Coming in at 10 l 6 l -1 l 2 and the epitome of glide, use the Construct when you're looking to push for more distance than your standard fairways or scale down from a distance driver when a straight flight is required from tip to tail. A harmonious balance of manageable rim-width and glide with a straight flight out of the box.

TSA has worked with Maria Oliva on her first Signature series design with Thought Space, Maria loved the theme "Time is a construct." Visually they incorporated elements of street art, Salvador Dalí, and the iconography of Butterflies and Mushrooms, loosely representing the idea of the butterfly effect and starting fresh and connections with nature. 

Speed: 10  Glide: 6  Turn: -1  Fade: 2

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