Dynamic Discs Fuzion Orbit Eye Maverick Zach Melton 2023


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Dynamic Discs serves as home to nearly 50 employees between the retail store and Dynamic Distribution, over 100 sponsored players, a full bag lineup from beginner-friendly to the professional-grade Ranger, several cart options to haul your bag and other accessories, baskets that range from portable and affordable to tournament-standard, and a disc line of more than 30 molds to complete any player’s bag.


The Maverick can fit in nearly every player's bag – literally, of course, and also through its accessibility for a wide range of levels. The Maverick's smaller rim offers controllable fairway speed and straighter flights for slower arms with trustworthy anhyzers and slow turns for experienced players. Providing yet another degree of versatility, the Maverick excels in wooded terrain with low ceilings and helps you make those tunnel shots. These qualities, plus its workable speed, are why Zach Melton chose this disc as his 2023 Signature disc! A portion of the sale goes to help support Zach's touring efforts!

Flight Ratings- Speed: 7 | Glide: 4 | Turn: -1.5 | Fade 2

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