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We Just Love Throwing Things

Spin City Discs is the brainchild of Johnny Gadd.  Johnny has always loved throwing and spinning things; baseballs, darts, and of course, frisbees. Johnny also loves to throw parties and spin records. Johnny decided the world needed more fun and recreation, and has dedicated his life to those goals.

Spin City was born in the dark days of the 2020 pandemic. While everything was closed, Johnny played a lot of disc golf. It was during this time he dreamed of a day when the world returned to normal, and how it would be different. It was clear to Johnny that he needed to bring his dream to life. It started with some notes on a scratch pad; nearly 18 months later, Spin City Discs opened its doors.

Spin City Discs exists to further the supplies, education, and awareness of the sport of disc golf. We are customer focused: our goal is to make you the best disc golfer you can be and to offer the best products on the market to help you achieve that. Spin City’s retail location has a fun, bright atmosphere, informative, and low-pressure sales staff, and we’re always listening to the latest dance music to keep the energy moving. Our online store reflects our retail location’s vibe, designed to be informative and easy to navigate. We stock nearly every major brand in disc golf and constantly strive to add the latest, best products to our lineup.